Opening Ceremony of the 1st MA Class of Soledad College


On the morning of March 26, 2019, the opening ceremony of the first master class of Soledad College was held in the third conference room of Cangshan campus of FNU. Chen Chuxin, vice chairman of Fujian Provincial People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries, Lai Hairong, vice president of FNU, principals of the graduate school, department of International Cooperation and Exchanges and Soledad College and the first group of master students coming from the Philippines took part in the opening ceremony.

Lai Hairong had a brief introduction to Filipino students that FNU was a historical university with beautiful scenery, excellent students, profound culture and influential contribution. He indicated that China and the Philippines enjoyed a long history of friendly exchanges, and founding Soledad College and enrolling Filipino master students were the examples of pragmatic cooperation in education of two countries. Vice-president Lai hoped that Filipino students would adapt to the life here and love FNU, this new home, and make full use of school resources, diligently acquire knowledge and skills and strength their own comprehensive quality. He also expected students would make efforts to practice the spirit of “silk road”, spread cultures of China and the Philippines, improve friendly exchanges and create jointly a brighter future.

Du Liwen, the representative of Filipino master students, expressed excitedly both in Chinese and English her heartfelt thanks to FNU and Xu Mingliang, the alumnus of FNU, founder of the Friends of the Philippines Foundation and scholarship sponsor of Soledad College, for creating good opportunities of study. She also said that she would work hard and forge ahead to become the messenger of China-Philippines friendship and help exchanges in science, technology and culture between two countries.


(Translated by Hao Dongmei / Reviewed by Chen Fang)



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