Vice President Lai Meets Delegation of MOE of Indonesia


On the morning of April 8, Prof. Lai Hairong, Vice President of FNU, met the delegation of Ministry of Education of Indonesia including Udiansyah Muhammad Kasi, director of the 11th district of Indonesia Ministry of Higher Education, Mr. Liu Yuan, executive chairman of Yayasan Harapan Bersama Pontianak (Pontianak Joint Hope Education Foundation) and its chairman of the board, Ms. Chen Huizhen. The principal of the School of Overseas Education and other related personnel attended the meeting.

Extending sincere welcome to the delegation, Prof. Lai Hairong briefly introduced the actualities of education in FNU and hoped to enhance communication and cooperation between the two countries in culture and education. Udiansyah Muhammad Kasi expressed heartfelt thanks to our long-term contribution to the Chinese language education in Indonesia. Meanwhile, he also wished to intensify the existing cooperation and to expand space for other collaboration. Subsequently, both sides achieved initial intent of cooperation through in-depth discussion on topics like the cultivation of Master of Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages (MTCSOL), online education and international promotion of Chinese. After the meeting, the delegation visited the Qishan campus of FNU.


(Translated by Li Yanmei /Reviewed by Chen Fang)


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