Launch & Presentation Ceremony of Centennial Academic Books Series & 5th Cross-Straits Symposium on Chinese Literature


On April 8th, the launch and presentation ceremony of Centennial Academic Books Series by College of Chinese Languages and Literature of FNU (V) and the 5th Cross-Straits Symposium on Chinese Literature, co-hosted by the College of Chinese Languages and Literature of Fujian Normal University, Kaiming Charity Foundation, and the Department of Chinese of Taiwan Normal University, and organized by Taiwan Wan Juanlou Books Co., Ltd., was held in Taiwan Normal University. More than 100 scholars and representatives were invited. They were from different universities, academic institutions and the publishing industry, including Taiwan Normal University, Chengchi University, Taiwan Central University, Chung Cheng University, Chung Hsing University, University of Taipei, Kaohsiung Normal University, Pingtung University, Taitung university, Chiayi University, Donghua University, Taiwan Ocean University, Quemoy University, Shihhsin University, Tamkang University, Tzu Chi University, Huafan University, Fo Guang University, Aletheia University, Mingdao University, the Taiwan Examination Yuan, Taiwan Academia Sinica, Taiwan Publishing Association, Huamulan Culture Press, Quemoy Art Museum. Professor Wang Wending, former vice president of FNU, heads of College of Chinese Languages and Literature and the author representatives of the books series also attended the activity.

The books series comprise A Comprehensive Study of Chinese War Novels by Professor Chen Ying, On the Rhetoric in Novels by Professor Guo Honglei, On Essays of Modern China by Professor Huang Ke’an, On Wen Yiduo's Poetics by Professor Chen Wei, Contemporary Drama Studies by Professor Lin Ting, On the criticisms of Literature of Beijing School by Professor Huang Jian, On the History of Taiwan Modern Literature by Professor Li Quanlin, From Folk to classic: On the Formation and Evolution of Guan Yu’s Image and Guan Yu Worship by Professor Liu Haiyan, Co-Entertainment of God and Man: Western Religious Culture & Religious Discourses in Western Literature by Professor Gao Weiguang, and Integrated Research in Rhyme Books and Phonology of Ming Dynasty by Prof. Wang Jin’an.

At the fifth Cross-Straits symposium on Chinese literature, the experts present conducted exchanges and discussions in the following five fields: linguistics and philology, literature and art, modern and contemporary literature, comparative literature and literature, and drama and opera. Professors from FNU, such as Wang Jin’an, Li Quanlin, Gao Weiguang, Chen Wei, Chen Ying, Huang Ke’an, Huang Jian, Liu Haiyan, Lin Ting, conducted in-depth exchanges over the books with Taiwan scholars, such as Prof. Ye Jiande, Prof. Xu Junya, Prof. Dai Weiyang, Prof. Jian Guangming, Prof. Zhuang Yazhou, Prof. Xu Guoneng, Prof. Pan Lizhu, Prof. Ma Guoliang, Prof. Ma Baolian, and extensive discussions about relevant academic issues with the participating scholars.

Prof. Wang Wending said in an interview, The continuing launch of the books series has been highly evaluated and recognized by the academia and educational circles on both sides of the Taiwan straits. The recognition is an encouragement to foster our academic progress and also an impetus to promote cross-straits academic exchanges. The exchanges between Fujian scholars and Taiwan scholars are very frequent and convenient. Cultures in Fujian and Taiwan are naturally linked, and we have the sincerity and obligation to promote cross-straits academic and cultural exchanges and cooperation and jointly carry forward the spiritual traditions of Chinese culture. We will continue to conduct cross-straits exchanges and cooperation in such fields as cultural education, academic research, editing and publishing, and spare no efforts to enhance cross-straits cultural identity and spiritual integration.” Xinhua News Agency, CCTV, People's Daily and other media reported the event.


(Translated by Zheng Lizhen, Reviewed by Xie Xiujuan)


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