Release of Blue Book of China’s Provincial Competitiveness and Seminar on China’s High-quality Economic Development under the Trade Protectionism


On April 11, 2019, release of Blue Book of China’s Provincial Competitiveness and seminar on China’s high-quality economic development under the trade protectionism were held in Beijing. The seminar, co-hosted by FNU and Social Sciences Academic Press(CHINA), focused on improving China’s high-quality economic development under the trade protectionism. It was attended by Cai Fang, vice-president of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and vice-chairman of Agricultural and Rural Affairs Committee of the 13th National People’s Congress, Yu bin, member of the leading party of Development Research Center of the State Council and director of the office, Pei Changhong, member of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and former director of Institute of Economic Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Xiao Jincheng, former director of Institute of Spatial Planning and Regional Economy, National Development and Reform Commission, Zhao Xinli, academician of International Academy of Sciences for Europe and Asia, secretary-general of China Science Center and the secondary professional of Ministry of Science and Technology, Wang Xiaohong, vice-minister of China Center for International Economic Exchanges, Zhuo Lihong, head of the research office of economy, Institute of Information Studies, CASS, Chang Guangmin, former director of political editorial department of QiuShi Press, Lin Yueqin, director of the second international department of Social Sciences in China Press, Su Hongwen, secretary-general of China Rural Labor Resources Development Society, Li Minrong, chairman of China Institute of Science and Technology Evaluation, Ministry of Civil Affairs, secretary of the leading party member group of former Fujian Provincial Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television and adjunct professor of FNU, and Huang Maoxing, executive editor of Blue Book and principal of school of the economics. Yang Qun, editor-in-chief of Social Sciences Academic Press, CASS, took the chair.

Cai Fang and Yu bin delivered speeches respectively at the seminar. They congratulated warmly the release of 13th Blue Book of China’s Provincial Competitiveness that studied by FNU research team. They thought that Blue Book, studying competitiveness for 13 years, offers valuable references to speed up provincial high-quality economic development for our country and local governments at all levels by timely researching on domestic and overseas hot topics of economic development and putting forward analysis reports, which makes this Book an influential academic work and product of think tanks. On behalf of the members of research group, Li Minrong and Huang Maoxin made special introductions respectively about latest study of Blue Book. Pei Changhong, Xiao Jincheng, Zhao Xinli, Wang xiaohong and Lin Yueqin extended their warm congratulations on the release of the Blue Book and spoke wonderfully at the seminar.

It is introduced that FNU Branch Center, Research Center of Overall Competitiveness of China’s Economy releases not only the latest Blue Book of Overall Competitiveness of China’s Provincial Economy to the society every year, but also the Green book of China’s Provincial Environment Competitiveness, Yellow Book of G20’s National Innovation Competitiveness, Research Report on Economic Focus of G20, Yellow Book of World Innovation Competitiveness, Green book of Report on Global Environmental Competitiveness, Yellow Book of BRICS’ National Innovation Competitiveness and Blue Book of City Innovation Competitiveness in China. In addition, FNU Branch Center has published many English books about competitiveness in German Springer Press and British Paths Press and they have a great influence both at home and abroad.


  (Translated by Hao Dongmei / Reviewed by Chen Fang)



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