The 1st FNU Translation Contest Rounded off


On the afternoon of May 15th, the awarding ceremony of the 1st FNU Translation Contest & Selection Contest for the 31st Han Suyin International Translation Contest was held in the Lecture Hall on the 3rd floor of Shao Yifu Building. Relevant responsible staff from Faculty Development Office, Teaching Affairs Office, and Graduate School, and leaders of College of Foreign Languages attended the ceremony along with the award winners.

 The representative from Graduate School shared his own experience of learning English with the teachers and students present, highlighting the importance of promoting English learning and teaching through competition. Then, the leader in charge of the administration of College of Foreign Languages read out the list of winners. And Liang Li’e, on behalf of the award-winning teachers, and Zhou Sheng, on behalf of the award-winning students, made a speech respectively. Yue Feng, professor of College of Foreign Languages and deputy director of the Organizing Committee of the Contest, made a comment on the contest, entitled “How to Outshine Others in the Competition”.

  It is learned that a total of 2604 teachers and students submitted translations, among which more than 80 excellent works were selected through 3-round expert evaluation, organized by the Organizing Committee. The 31st Han Suyin International Translation Contest in 2019 will be co-hosted by the Translators Association of China (TAC), Beijing Foreign Studies University and FNU.  



                             (Translated by Li Yanmei, Reviewed by Xie Xiujuan)


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