Dr. Huang Yimei at the College of Photonic and Electronic Engineering Published his research in Science Advances


Recently, the thesis, Precise Closure of Single Blood Vessels via Multiphoton Absorption Based Photothermolysis, written by Dr. Huang Yimei of the College of Photonic and Electronic Engineering, had been published in Science Advances (2019DOI: 10.1126/sciadv.aan9388IF=11.51). The achievement, made by the cooperation of the College of Photonic and Electronic Engineering and University of British Columbia (UBC), is a great progress in the field of microvascular occlusion via ultrashort pulse laser.

Dr. Huang was the first author of the research, Professor Xie Shusen, the main author, and Zeng Haishan, chair professor of “Minjiang Scholar in FNU and professor of UBC, the corresponding author. This was the first time for the teacher of FNU to publish a thesis as the first author in journals of Science. The research had got the funding from both National?Program?on?Key?Basic?Research?Project (937 Program) and Canada National Institutes of Health Research.

The thesis linkage: https://advances.sciencemag.org/content/5/5/eaan9388


(Translated by Ye Zhi/ Reviewed by Chen Fang) 


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