FNU Co-organizes Higher Education Expo China


From May 26 to 28, the Higher Education Expo China (2019?Spring), hosted by China Association of Higher Education, co-organized by Fujian Association of Higher Education and Fujian Normal University (FNU), was held at the Fuzhou Strait International Convention and Exhibition Center. Du Yubo, president of China Association of Higher Education, deputy secretary and vice minister of former party of Ministry of Education, Xu Qingsen, deputy director of Department of Higher Education of Ministry of Education, and Lin Heping, secretary of Education Committee of Fujian Provincial Party Committee, party secretary and director of Fujian Provincial Education Department, delivered speeches at the opening ceremony. Li Baoyin and Zheng Jiajian, leaders of FNU, attended the ceremony.

On the day of opening ceremony, leaders of China Association of Higher Education presented the Contribution Award to Fujian Association of Higher Education and FNU for their major contributions to this Expo, the Outstanding Organization Awards to other six universities, and issued certificates to enterprise representatives and volunteer representatives. During the Expo, FNU hosted several conferences, including an academic salon of teaching masters of the Ten Thousand Talents Program, a symposium on the national teaching achievements, the first council of the Belt and Road Initiative research branch of the China Association of Higher Education and the second National Education summit of “the Belt and Road Initiative”.

On the theme of Eulogizing the Outstanding Achievements of the 70 Years of New China and Promoting the Innovation of Education Modernization, the Expo comprises three parts: Exhibition, High-level Forum and Study Results. It values the application and development of new concepts, new ideas and new technologies in educational products and services, aiming to modernize educational equipment, build smart campuses, and promote exchanges and cooperation between schools and enterprises. 

 (Translated by Wen Shuxian/ Reviewed by Chen Fang)


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