Professor from College of Social Development Publishes Monograph Overseas


Recently, the English version of The Empire of Culture: The Study of Global Americanization in the 20th Century, a monograph by Professor Wang Xiaode from the College of Social Development, was published by Paths International Ltd in hardcover as part of the Chinese Academic Translation Project of the National Social Science Fund of China.

The Empire of Culture (China Social Sciences Press, 2011 edition) was included in the National Achievements Library of Philosophy and Social Sciences in 2010, the first monograph in the field of philosophy and Social Sciences in Fujian Province to have made it to the collection. After the publication, it was widely praised in academia and received high acclaim in book reviews published in Guangming Daily, World History, etc. In 2013, the book won the first prize of the 10th Excellent Achievement Award for Social Sciences of Fujian Province. In 2015, it was awarded by the Ministry of Education the second prize of the 7th Excellent Achievement Award for Scientific Research of Higher Education Institutions (Humanities and Social Sciences) .

                        (Translated by Zheng Lizhen and reviewed by Liang Li’e)


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