Research of Prof. Chen Zuliang’s Team Published on Advanced Functional Materials


Prof. Chen Zuliang’s team from College of Environmental Science and Engineering in FNU,  cooperating with CSIRO University of Newcastle in Australia, published a thesis entitled Tuning the Catalytic Preference of Ruthenium Catalysts for Nitrogen Reduction by Atomic Dispersion on ADVANCED FUNCTIONAL MATERIALS (Engineering technology, I area, IF=15.62). The cooperative research result was published with FNU College of Environmental Science and Engineering as the first unit, Dr. Yu Bing as the first author, and Dr. Yu Hai, Prof. Chen Zuliang and Dr. Ma Tianyi the correspondent author. This research was co-funded by Fujian provincial innovative and entrepreneurial talent program and National Science Foundation of Australia.


(Translated by Li Yanmei /Reviewed by Chen Fang)


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