FNU Holds the 7th ADCSC Sports Science Disciplines Appraisal Group Working Conference


The conference was held in FNU from June 8 to 10. All members of the group, including Prof. Huang Hansheng and Prof. Yang Hua, conveners of the 7th sports science disciplines appraisal group working conference of theAcademic DegreeCommittee of the State Council (ADCSC), Prof. Wang Jiahong from Soochow University, Prof. Zhou Aiguang from South China Normal University(SCNU), Prof. Chen Peijie, president of Shanghai University of Sport, Prof. Ji Liu from East China Normal University(ECNU), and Prof. Lv Wangang, president of Wuhan Sports University, attended the conference. On behalf of FNU, school leadersWang Changping and Pan Yuteng extended warm welcome to the leaders and experts present, thanking them for their concern and support to the construction and development of FNUsports science disciplines.

During the conference, discussions were conducted about the compilation of the two books The Development Report on Sports Science Disciplines and A Core CurriculumGuide for Sports Postgraduates, the National Forum forDoctoral Supervisors of Sports Science, PHD assessment of projects in Sports Science meeting special needs, etc.

The experts of the appraisal group also participated in the oral defenses of doctoral dissertations of School of  Physical Education and Sport Science, FNU and examined the construction of the primary doctoral program in sports science. The experts fully recognizedthe outstanding achievements FNU has made in the construction of degree programs in recent years, and put forward some constructive suggestions for the future development of sports sciencedisciplines.

It is reported that FNU, as the affiliated unit of the secretariat of ADCSC appraisal group of sports science disciplines, has assisted in the completion of a number of important postgraduate education documents, thus contributinga lot to the construction and development of sports science disciplines in China.



(Translated by Zhou Yanling, Reviewed by Xie Xiujuan)


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