FNU Holds the Commencement for the Graduating Undergraduates of 2018


The commencement was held at the square in front of the library of the Qishan Campus on the morning of June 22. More than 6,000 people attended the ceremony, including FNU leaders like Wang Changping, Pan Yuteng, Ye Shen, Huang Qingbo, Lai Hairong, Zheng Jiajian, Tu Rong, heads of the departments and divisions, leaders of the party and administration of the schools and colleges, teacher representatives, counselors and all the students of the graduating class of 2018, some of the studentsparents and some faculty members. Deputy Secretary of FNU Party CommitteeYe Shen presided over the ceremony.

In his passionate speech made at the ceremony, FNU President Wang Changping shared his three expectations with all the graduating undergraduates of 2018. First, all the members of the graduating class of 2018 should aim highto make our country more powerful. They should shoulder the historical responsibility of winning glory for China and benefiting the people, make great achievements with their youth and innovation and realize their great dreams on the vast land of our motherland. Second, they should forge ahead to live a fulfilling life. In future, they should be both ambitious and practical. They should make progress bit by bit, take small things seriously, regard setbacks as opportunities, work hard and persevere to create a colorful life. Third, they should be grateful and make our society more harmonious, more beautiful and more loving with a little bit of good deeds.

At the ceremony, FNU Vice President Zheng Jiajian read out the three announcements of “FNU Approving the Graduation of 5440 Undergraduates of 2018”, “FNU Granting 5,427 graduating undergraduates of 2018 Bachelor's Degrees” and “FNU Awarding 796 graduating undergraduates of 2018 Outstanding Graduates”.

Representatives of the outstanding graduates from the schools and colleges presented flowers to the staff representatives, thanking the teachers for their teachings and the logistics staff for their unspoken devotion. With pride and enthusiasm, the graduate representatives recited the original poetry “Memories of FNU”, relating their unforgettable experience in the past four years. All the graduates took a solemn oath and sang the school song of FNU.

At the commencement, FNU school leaders Wang Changping, Ye Shen, and Zheng Jiajian turned the tassels for all the graduates, and took photos with them.

A series of graduation activities, such as the collection of couplets, wishlists, graduation messages, were launched for all the school students, and for the graduates, the characteristic graduation memory books were specifically designed and a graduation ceremony micro website was opened, thus creatinga warm atmosphere rich in graduation culture.


                             (Translated by Zhuang Yajin, Reviewed by Xie Xiujuan)


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