Establishing Morality & Cultivating Talents - Chen Zheng on CCTV-10 Documentary


On September 10th, a feature documentary Establishing Morality & Cultivating Talents - Chen Zheng was broadcast on the program Peopleof CCTV-10 Science and Education Channel. On the afternoon of September 11th, FNU organized a documentary watching and held a symposium on it. The attendees included Chen Zheng, one of the first batch of experts and scholars with moralityand professional excellence in the philosophy and social sciences circle of the Publicity Department of the Central Committee ofthe Communist Party of China (CCCPC), the only winner of the world “Marxian Economics Award” in 2018 and former president of FNU, Prof. Li Jianping, chief expert of the Marxist Theoretical Research and Construction Project of the CCCPC, director of the National Research Center of Socialist Political Economics with Chinese Characteristics (Fujian Normal University), and former president of FNU, Prof. Pan Yuteng, deputy secretary of FNU Party Committee, heads of the relevant departments and divisions of FNU, alumni representatives, teacher and student representatives of the School of Economics, amounting to about 70 people.

The documentary gives an account of Prof. Chen Zheng's outstanding contributions to the study of Marxist political economics, especially to the study of Das Kapital. It focuses on Prof. Chen Zheng's prominent achievements in academic research, his remarkable contributions to the development of disciplines, as well as his integrity in work and life.

Prof. Li Jianping gave a detailed introduction about the shooting process of the documentary. He pointed out that Das Kapital, as the “Bible” of the working class, still has far-reaching influence. He hoped that teachers and students will inherit the study of Das Kapital and learn from Prof. Chen Zheng in his firm faith, so as todisseminate Marxism covered in Das Kapital in the society and put it into practice.

Prof. Chen Zheng delivered a passionate speech. He sincerely thanked FNU for the care and attention to him for a long time and for the symposium. He said that Das Kapital is profound and rich in content and that his research on Das Kapital is only a small step, and there is still a long way to go. He hoped that everyone will continue to make efforts to strengthen research and open up new vistas for the innovative development of Marxism.

At the symposium, Prof. Yan Zheng, former dean of Fujian Academy of Social Sciences, Prof. Zheng Chuanfang, chief expert of the Marxist Theoretical Research and Construction Project of the CCCPC, director of the Ideological and Political Education Steering Committee of Fujian Colleges and Universities, and former executive deputy secretary of the Education Committee of Fujian Provincial Party Committee, Prof. Liao Fulin, former deputy secretary of FNU Party Committee, Prof. Zhang Chunxia, former vice president of Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University, Dr. You Zuyong, deputy director-general of Fujian Provincial Department of Water Resources, Prof. Zhao Linbin, former vice president of Minjiang University, Prof. Chen Mingsen, dean of the Industrial Development Institute of Fujian Provincial Party School, Dr. Wang Zhensong, deputy secretary of the Gulou District Party Committee of Fuzhou, Dr. Xu Ruirong, deputy director of the Institute of Fiscal Science of Fujian Provincial Department of Finance and director of the Mountains, Rivers, Forestry, Land, Lakes and Grassland Promotion Office of Fujian Province, and Dr. Yu Yunhui, chairman of the Fujian Lantian Academy, said that Prof. Chen Zheng has a firm belief in Marxism, and that keeping pace with the times, overcoming difficulties and obstacles in the study, and applying theory to practice and deepening theory with practice,  Chen has maderemarkable contributions to the promotion of the development of Marxism. With his devotion to education and rigorous scholarship, he hasset a model of good teachers in the new era and an example for teachers and students to learn from, they said.

On behalf of FNU, Prof. Pan Yuteng gave a speechHe pointed out that Prof. Chen Zheng’s academic character, morality and strong sense of responsibility are admirable and worthlearning by teachers and students. Prof. Pan Yuteng stressed that it is necessary to continuously strengthen the inheritance and development of advantageous disciplines, inherit the advantages of disciplines, maintain good momentum, advance with the times to explore and innovate, and strive to attract more high-level teachers, produce more quality results, and cultivate more qualified talents. It is also necessary to thoroughly study and implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speech at the National Education Conference, and strengthen the construction of teachers' morality, which requires teachers to be committed to conducting by virtue, studying by virtue and teaching by virtue, so as to contribute their wisdom and strength to the construction of a double first-rate and high-level university, he said.

(Translated by Zhou Yanling, Reviewed by Xie Xiujuan)


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