FNU Holds the 36th Teachers’ Day Celebration & Commendation Ceremony


On the afternoon of September 10, FNU held the 36th Teachers’ Day celebration and commendation ceremony, attended by FNU leaders Li Baoyin, Wang Changping, Chen Xiaohong, Li Xuan, Lai Hairong, Zhen Jiajian and Tu Rong, heads of different departments and colleges, representatives of advanced collectives and individuals, and representatives of teachers and students. The main venue of the ceremony was the Hongda Hall on Qishan campus and each secondary unit set up a sub-venue to attend it simultaneously through the webcast platform.

Li Baoyin, secretary of FNU Party Committee, on behalf of FNU, extended Teachers Day greetings and best wishes to the faculty, reviewed the achievements FNU has made in the past year and fully recognized all teachers’ positive contributions to the school reform and development. He pointed out that since the outbreak of COVID-19 all teachers have resolutely implemented the decisions and arrangements of higher authorities, earnestly carried out the requirements for epidemic prevention and control, pulled together as one in the battle against COVID-19, firmly holding the bottom line and defense line of COVID-19 not spreading to the campus and achieved the goal of suspending school without stopping work, which reflects the excellent spirit and quality of all teachers’ dedication and responsibility. He expressed his hopes for all teachers: that they will remain true to their original aspiration and their mission, have lofty educational and professional ideals, take a higher position in the overall situation of national development, find their correct positions in the school development and firmly believe in lofty ideals; that they will adhere to self-cultivation, carry on the fine traditions of bringing honor to FNU and respecting students, solve problems of students’ intellectual growth with wisdom, pave the way for students to become talents with love and faithfully practice teachers’ noble ethics; that they will improve their skills, develop the habit of lifelong learning, always keep learning and be pioneers of the times in fostering character and civic virtue; and that they will take the initiatives to fulfill their responsibility, fully develop the sense of being masters, actively contribute to the school development and be powerful promoters to better education and schools.

FNU President Wang Changping, while presiding over the ceremony, emphasized that each unit must earnestly study and implement the requirements made by Li Baoyin, stick to reform and innovation, and build a professional and innovative team with high quality and that all teachers should learn from those commended teachers, consciously strengthen their moral cultivation, constantly improve their professional expertise, strive to be good teachers with ideals and beliefs, moral sentiment, solid knowledge and kindheartedness and make greater contributions to stepping up building FNU into a Double First-Class university that the Party and the people will be satisfied with.

At the ceremony, Chen Xiaohong, deputy secretary of FNU Party Committee, read out the list of Teachers’ Day commendation in 2020 and then the participating school leaders presented awards to the teachers’ representatives. Lin Xiumin, professor of College of Physics and Energy and Su Hongjian, student of College of Photonic and Electronic Engineering, delivered a speech as teachers’ representative and students’ representative respectively.


 (Translated by Wu Qinhui/ Reviewed by Xie Xiujuan)    


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