CFL Holds a Seminar on 14th Five-Year Plan and Teachers’ Responsibility


Recently, the College of Foreign Languages (CFL) of FNU held a seminar on the 14th Five-Year Plan and Teachers Responsibility among its faculty and staff members to get them actively involved in scientifically compiling its 14th Five-Year Plan combined with their actual work. The seminar comprised three stages of learning and promotion, thematic discussions, research and appraisal. According to the Party branch, the faculty and staff members were divided into several groups. During the group activities, they contributed their opinions and suggestions about CFLs 14th Five-Year Plan, shared their experience in professional development, exchanged their views on and appraised ethics building. 

The seminar further strengthened the faculty and staff members sense of being masters of their own college through their participation in and deliberation of college affairs and also their sense of the main responsibility of imparting knowledge and educating people. Their offering opinions and suggestions about the scientific compilation of the 14th Five-Year Plan will promote the development of CFL.

                        (Translated by Zhang Ling/ Reviewed by Xie Xiujuan)  


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