FNU Holds a Grand Opening Ceremony for the 2020 Freshmen


On the morning of September 22, the opening ceremony for the class of 2020 freshmen was held respectively in eastern track-and-field ground of Qishan Campus and Wuguang basketball court of Cangshan Campus, FNU. Leaders Li Baoyin, Wang Changping, Chen Xiaohong, Li Xuan, Lai Hairong and Tu Rong attended the ceremony, and Lixuan, Deputy Secretary of FNU Party Community, presided it.

President Wang Changping delivered an enthusiastic speech. On behalf of the school, he warmly welcomed the new students and congratulated them on making a remarkable achievement during the epidemic. He encouraged them with three sentences: first, set up aspirations before learning. Students should bear great aspirations in mind and establish goals by closely linking personal ideals with the future of our country and rooting personal aspirations in the great cause of national rejuvenation. They should devote themselves to the great cause of youthful ideals to forge a bright future. Second, practice is the key to learning. Students should cherish their youth. They should not only immerse themselves wholly in books, but also put what they learn into practice by combining their professional “small classroom” with the social “big classroom”. They should learn skills and improve capabilities in social practice by breaking the restrictions of the narrow cycle of “three gates” – “gates of home, school and laboratory”. Third, innovation is the key to learning. Students should keep their curiosity and have ambition of being innovative both in study and work. They should have the courage to question the existing theories and believes without blindly worshipping authority. They should stay focused and diligent and let youth soar in innovation.

At the ceremony, Lin Xiumin, professor of College of Physics and Energy, and Tu Xiuhong, professor of College of Chinese Language and Literature, delivered a speech on behalf of teachers respectively. Old students’ representative, Wang Jixiao, student of College of Marxism, and Shu Zhangjingzhi, student of College of Music, and new students representatives, Hong Zhiyan, student of School of Geographical Sciences, and Liu Jimeng, student of College of Foreign Languages, also gave a speech respectively.

(Translated by Zeng Lu / Reviewed by Chen Fang)


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