2018 Joint Meeting Attended by Deans of Faculties of Foreign Languages in National Normal Universities


The 2018 joint meeting, under the theme of “Quality Cultivation of Teachers-to-Be Foreign Languages Majors in the Internet Age”, was held in Fuzhou from October 12th to 13th. Professor Li Zhengshuan, a member of the English Language Subcommittee of the National Advisory Committee on Teaching Foreign Languages to Majors in Higher Education under the Ministry of Education, delivered a speech at the meeting.

Experts and scholars, such as Prof. Miao Xingwei from Beijing Normal University, Prof. Liu Chengyu from Southwest University, Prof. Lin Zhengjun from Northeast Normal University, Prof. Tian Zhaoxia from Nanjing Normal University, Prof. Liu Jianda and Dong Jinwei from Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, Prof. Li Zhengshuan from Hebei Normal University, Prof. Guo Wanqun from Zhongyuan University of Technology, Prof. Lin Dajin from Fujian Normal University, made keynote speeches at the meeting. During the meeting, three-group seminars were also arranged. The participants conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions on issues like “Problems & Solutions in the Accreditation of Foreign Languages for Teachers-to-Be Majors”, “Reform in the Disciplinary Quality Training Mode of Teachers-to-Be Foreign Languages Majors in the Internet Age”, “Training Modes of Teaching Skills for Teachers-to- Be Foreign Languages Majors Based on the ‘Internet+’”, “Approaches to Cultivating the Ability to Think Critically of Teachers-to-Be Foreign Languages Majors”.


 (Translated by Fu Dongxian, Reviewed by Xie Xiujuan)


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