Internet Pragmatics Officially Launched


Internet Pragmatics, an international English academic journal sponsored by the College of Foreign Languages of FNU, was officially published recently by John Benjamins Publishing Company, an academic publisher headquartered in the Netherlands. The journal will be published semiannually under the editorship of Pro. Xie Chaoqun of FNU and Pro. Francisco Yus from the University of Alicante (Spain). Twenty two experts and scholars from 21 universities and research institutes in Finland, Germany, Spain, Czech, Switzerland, the U.S, the UK, Australia, Israel and China constitute the advisory board. In the inaugural issue, Pro. Xie Chaoqun and Pro. Francisco Yus introduced Internet Pragmatics and published articles contributed by internationally-acclaimed scholars in pragmatics including Jacob L. Mey, Anita Fetzer, Marina Terkourafi, Pilar Garcés-Conejos Blitvich, Elda Weizam, which have attracted extensive attention from academia.

Internet Pragmatics promotes interdisciplinary dialogue and interface studies between pragmatics and other fields including but not limited to sociology, media studies, digital communication, discourse analysis, cognitive science, anthropology, psychology, philosophy and even neuroscience. The journal intends to contribute to a better and deeper understanding of language use and interaction in cyberspace and of human beings in and across mediated contexts. The journal provides a unique, fully peer-reviewed forum dedicated to cutting-edge research into internet pragmatics, examining how people use the internet and social media to fulfill their communicative needs, and how those virtual interactions entail pragmatic implications on human relationships, identities and social or professional collectivities. It also seeks to explore and expound how online communication is both similar to and different from offline interaction, how the online world and the offline world are both distinct and inseparable but also intertwined in a number of ways, and how online or digital identities impact on people’s language use in offline interaction and vise versa.  

Translated by Lv Yizhen, Reviewed by Liang Lie


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