The Seminar “Ecological Security of Urban Agglomerations in the Context of the Pandemic: Collaboration and Emergency Decision-making” Held in FNU


On September 26 and 27, the seminar, titled Ecological Security of Urban Agglomerations in the Context of the Pandemic: Collaborative Interaction and Emergency Decision-making was held in FNU. It was based on the national key research and development project Ecological Safety Assurance and Coastal Ecological Restoration Technology of Fujian Delta Region (2016YFC0502900). The conference was jointly organized by FNU, State Key Laboratory of Humid Subtropical Ecology-Geographical Processes of the Ministry of Education, the Planning and Standards Committee of China Association for Disaster Prevention, Xiamen University, and Fuzhou University by adopting a clicks-and-mortar method. About 100 experts and representatives from research centers and universities attended the seminar. They included the Institute of Urban Environment and Chinese Academy of Sciences, Institute of Environment and Sustainable Development in Agriculture and Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Nanjing University, Guangzhou Institute of Geography, Department of Natural Resources of Fujian Province, Fujian Academy of Environmental Sciences, Fujian Meteorological Service Center, the Environmental Monitoring Center, Fujian Provincial Basic Geographic Information Center, Xiamen University, Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University, Longyan College and the School of Geographical Sciences of FNU.

The opening ceremony was held in the Lecture Hall on the fifth floor of Shao Yifu Science Building on the morning of September 26. Cao Wenzhi, chief scientist of National Key Research and Development Project and Professor in Xiamen University, and Lai Hairong, vice president of FNU,delivered a speech respectively. On behalf of FNU, Lai Hairong expressed his warm congratulations on the convening of the seminar, and believed that through the combination of online and offline discussions, we could explore the risks of urban agglomeration ecological security under the new situation, and work out new theories, new methods and new technologies of coordination modes and emergency management. It will provide new approaches to further deepening the ecological research of urban agglomerations, and offer new perspectives for promoting interdisciplinary and technological system innovation, improving the level of urban agglomeration ecological safety protection, and advancing the modernization of emergency management systems and capabilities.


                     (Translated by Huang Xiaoling / Reviewed by Chen Fang)




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