Overseas Talent Forum by Fujian Normal University 2019


Sincerely Invites the Talents of the World to Join Us


I. Introduction

The Second Overseas Talent Forum will be held by Fujian Normal University (FNU) and take place from May 12 to May 15, 2019, aiming at building a platform for high-level academic communication for young talents from home and abroad. We sincerely invite talents from all over the world to our university for academic exchange, Campus visits, and cooperation enhancement, in an effort to jointly promote the “Double First-class” construction of Fujian Normal University.

II. Professional Fields

Fields of humanities and social sciences: Pedagogics, Psychology, Economics, Science of Law, Philosophy, Marxist Theory, Political Science, Chinese Language and Literature, Cultural Industry, Chinese International Education, Foreign Language and Literature, Journalism and Communication, Chinese History, World History, Library and Archive Science, Public Management, Tourism Management, Sports, Music and Dance, Fine Arts, etc.

 Fields of natural sciences: Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science and Technology, Cyberspace Security, Software Engineering, Physics, Optical Engineering, Electrical Automation, Information and Communication Engineering, Electronic Science and Technology, Chemistry, Chemical Engineering and Technology, Material Science, Environmental Science and Engineering, Geography, Ecology, Biology, Biomedical Engineering, Food Science and Engineering, Phylaxiology and Immunology, Pharmacology and Pharmaceutical Engineering, etc.

III. Date of the Forum and Registration Process

(I) Date of the Forum

The forum will be held from  May 12 (Sunday) to  May  15 (Wednesday), 2019 in Fuzhou. The specific arrangements are as follows:

Register on May 12

From May 13 to May 14, attend the main forum of the university, sub forums of colleges or disciplines, lecture reports, academic exchange and visits, etc.

Leave on May 15

(II) Registration Process

1. Overseas eligible applicants will log onto the registration system before April 15, 2019: http://fujiannormaluniversity.mikecrm.com/X0DFDuu and fill in the information,

2. Before April 22, 2019, the university will send the letter of invitation to the invitees.

3. The invitees will confirm whether they will participate within one week of receiving the invitation letter, fill in the receipt and send it to rscrcb@fjnu.edu.cn.

IV. Registration Conditions and Treatment

(I) Registration Conditions (One of the Following Conditions)

1. The applicants should have ideological and political quality, stick to teachers’ professional ethics, academic code of ethics and other codes of professional ethics.

2. The applicants should have a doctoral degree, and those in the fields of natural science and engineering technology should be no more than 40 years old and those in the field of humanities and social sciences no more than 50 years old, and they should meet one of the following requirements:

(1) The outstanding young talents who have a doctoral degree from a well-known university abroad or have an overseas study or work experience of more than three years, have attained achievements in related fields and have a certain degree of academic influence and good development potential.

(2) The scholars who are entitled or nearly entitled to apply for the state-level talent programs, like the Chang Jiang Scholar Program (young scholars), 10,000 Talents Plan for excellent young talents and candidates for the National Science Fund for Excellent Young Scholars (the above-mentioned contents are referred to as the “four young talents programs”), or the provincial and ministerial-level talent programs, like the “100 Talents Plan” of Fujian Province.

(II) Introducing Treatment

1. FNU will provide scientific research funds of CNY 1 million–4 millionhousing subsidies including setting-in allowanceof CNY 2 million and annual salary CNY 500,000-600,000 for the scholars who have been selected to “Four young talents programs”.

2. FNU will provide research funds of CNY 1 million and housing subsidiesincluding setting-in allowanceof CNY 1 million for the scholars who have entered the pleabut not been selected into “Four young talents programs”or the scholars who have been selected into the attracting talents program -“100 Talents Plan” of Fujian Province.

3. The university will provide:

(1) Annual salary of CNY 500,000–600,000, housing subsidies (including settling-in allowance) of CNY 2 million, and scientific research funds of CNY 1-4 million for the scholars who have been selected to the “four young talents programs”.

(2) Annual salary of CNY 300,000–400,000, housing subsidies (including settling-in allowance) of CNY 1 million, and scientific research funds of CNY 500,000-2 million for the scholars who have passed the assessment defense for the national “four young talents programs”, but not been selected and the scholars who have been selected to the “100 Talents Plan” of Fujian Province.

(3) The scholars, who are not selected to the related talent programs, can be introduced in accordance with the introducing policies of the university (“Baochen Plan” – the planning program for supporting middle-aged and young talents) or the method “one policy for one person” after mutual negotiation between the university and the scholar.

The above funds are indicated in CNY and tax inclusive, which do not include national fundsprovincial funds and the achievement award of teaching research of FNU. Based on the facts, priority shall be given for evaluation and employment of professional titles for the professional skills, and their children could attend the Affiliated Kindergartenthe Affiliated Primary School and the Affiliated High School of FNU.

V. Accommodation and Transportation

FNU will provide accommodation and transportation fee for the scholars uniformly. The attendees shall book the round-trip airline tickets by themselves and FNU will reimburse travel expenses in line with economy class after the forum. To be specific, the expenses reimbursed should be no more than CNY 15,000/person for overseas scholars and no more than CNY 5,000/person for domestic scholars.

The scholars, who are invited to present the academic reports during the forum, will be paid by the university accordingly.

VI. Contact Information

Contact information of the Personnel Department and Office of the High-level Talents of Fujian Normal University:

Tel: +86-591-22867361

E-mail: rscrcb@fjnu.edu.cn.

Contact person: Mr. Le and Mr. Chen

Address: Qishan Campus of Fujian Normal University, No. 1 Keji Road, College Town, Fuzhou City, Fujian Province

VII. University Overview

The University is located in Fuzhou, a famous historic and cultural city that has been honored as “Coastal City of Flourishing Culture”. It is a renowned century-old provincial higher education institute with a long history. The university originated from Fujian Excellence Normal Academy founded by the Royal Preceptor of Qing Dynasty Chen Baochen in 1907. It is a higher education institute co-built by the Ministry of Education and Fujian Provincial People’s Government. In 2014, it was endorsed as a Key High-Level University of Fujian Province; in 2017, it was endorsed into aspiring “National First-Class Universities” of Fujian Province. Currently, FNU is ranked among the top 80 Chinese higher education institutes and among the top 350 QS Asian universities in terms of its overall strength. FNU has a total of 26 disciplines on the list in the Fourth-Round National University Discipline Assessment organized by the Ministry of Education, including 3 A-class disciplines and 12 B-class disciplines, ranking 45th among national universities in terms of the number of A-class disciplines.

FNU has two main campuses: Qishan Campus and Cangshan Campus, covering a total area of about 4,000 mu. Currently, the university has 83 undergraduate programs (76 programs enrolled students in 2017), 23,513 full-time general undergraduates, and 7,420 graduate students. The main campus has more than 1,700 full-time teachers. FNU is dedicated to building a discipline system comprising first-class liberal arts, high-level sciences and featuring engineering discipline, having basically formed the discipline layout of a comprehensive university that covers 11 disciplines including literature, history, philosophy, science, engineering, teaching, economics, law, management, agriculture and art. The university has 1 national key discipline, 3 innovation platforms (including those under construction) of provincial university leading disciplines, 8 provincial peak disciplines, 14 provincial plateau disciplines, 19 moving post-doctoral research stations, 21 first-grade disciplines entitled to granting doctorates, 39 first-grade disciplines entitled to granting master’s degrees and 17 locations entitled to granting master’s professional degrees. FNU has affiliated kindergartens and primary and middle schools, which are all provincial demonstration schools that play a leading and exemplary role in the basic education sector of Fuzhou City and even Fujian Province.

The university has been vigorously implementing the “Talents Empowering University” strategy, offering preferential treatment to introduced excellent domestic and overseas talents. We extend a warm welcome to excellent domestic and overseas talents who join us to create a beautiful tomorrow for FNU!

Please visit https://www.fjnu.edu.cn for more details about FNU


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