College of Foreign Languages Holds the International Symposium on Advances in (Im)politeness Studies 2019


The International Symposium on Advances in (Im)politeness Studies 2019, hosted by FNU and organized by the College of Foreign Languages, was held in Fuzhou under the theme of (Im) politeness and Emotion” from March 8th to 10th. Prof. Lai Hairong, Vice President of FNU, attended the opening ceremony and delivered a welcome speech.

Keynote speeches were given during the two-day symposium by Prof. Helen Spencer-Oatey from the University of Warwick, Prof. Michael Haugh from the University of Queensland, Prof. Olga Zayts from the University of Hong Kong, Prof. Chen Xinren from Nanjing University, Prof. Feng Zongxin from Tsinghua University, Prof. He Gang from East China Normal University, Prof. Li Chengtuan from Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, Prof. Liao Meizhen from Central China Normal University, Prof. Qu Weiguo from Fudan University, and Prof. Zhou Ling from Northeast Normal University. There were also five parallel sessions, in which attendees conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions on related topics including (Im)politeness, Emotion and Relational Work in the Institutional Contexts, (Im)politeness, Emotion and Social Media, (Im)politeness, Emotion and Identity Construction, and “(Im)Politeness Research across Genres.

(Translated by Zheng Lizhen and reviewed by Liang Li’e)


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